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Putting Your Prose under the Knife
By MM Pollard

January 5th – Feb 2, 2015

LENGTH: 4 weeks, 8 lessons

$15 for Members
$20 for Non-Members / Associate Members


You’ve decided to play surgeon and cut the fat (verboseness) from your baby (your manuscript). In this four-week workshop (8 lessons), MM Pollard will show you where and how to cut the excess without too much pain and agony. In lessons titled Hacking Away with a Machete, Using Pruning Shears, and Triage for Your Wounded Story you’ll learn how to cut large portions of your manuscript and how to repair the holes left by the massive cutting.The focus narrows to smaller cuts in lessons titled Slash Wordy Sentences, Clip Wordy Phrases, Snip Wordy Words Here, Snip Wordy Words There, and Refurbish Your Word Choices. No writer likes to cut, but your characters and your editor will thank you. Will it hurt? Maybe. Keep this prose diet in prospective — it’s so much easier trimming the flab from your prose than trimming the flab from your…(you get the idea). Trust MM — she knows first-hand of what she writes.

Reward for doing your homework: MM’s personal feedback on every assignment. Consider homework as opportunities for mini-edits by MM.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: As an English teacher for fifteen years and, currently, as acquisitions and copy editor for Black Velvet Seductions, MM Pollard has had the mission to find and correct ungrammatical grammar, misused usage, problematic punctuation, and poor writing in others’ work.

MM has helped many writers improve their language and writing skills through her fun workshops. Yes, the basics of English composition can be fun! She has presented workshops on Writers Online Classes, Savvy Authors, Orange County RWA, Colorado RWA, Passionate Ink RWA, and Celtic Hearts RWA, just to name a few. She is sure she can help you, too, master the fundamentals of English composition.



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