Passionate Ink – Some Like it Hot

Passionate Ink is Erotic Romance Special Interest Chapter #207 of Romance Writers of America

The Pitch Program

This member’s only program offers published and new authors the chance to pitch their story directly (anonymously) to an agent or editor to a publisher within the erotic romance genre. This allows industry professionals to get right to the content they’re looking for and helps authors seeking new exposure to bypass the long wait times that can usually happen when submitting their work.* It can be a wonderful opportunity to get discovered and on the path to publication as a new author, as well as a chance to try publishing with someone new if you’re an established author seeking to branch out in your genres or with a new publishing house. Full details on how to participate are included in our Pitch Forum (accessible to members only), but you can return to this page for general instructions and to check out our Pitch Calendar, below. We’ll post each month on our next upcoming pitch in our Blog, too!


Each writer is to prepare and submit it to our program lead.

It is expected that the manuscript is complete and not a work in progress. Your pitch should be polished and professional; if you’d like guidance on how to prepare your pitch, as a member you can contact your fellow members that you see announcing their recent publications, the board for additional input and resources, and of course, check out Google search!

All dates shown below are tentative and are subject to change at any time.

January 29 Extasy Books
February 26 Loose Id
March 25 Evernight Publishing
April 22 Loose Id
May 13 BookEnds Literary
June 24 Decadent Publishing
July 8 Loose Id
September 16 Harlequin/Carina Press

*Passionate Ink does not guarantee that any submitted work will be accepted for publication by any agent, editor, or publishing house and our organization accepts no liability for any work authors submit for consideration via the program. By participating in the program, authors retain sole responsibility for negotiating any terms for an accepted work, and participating authors reserve the right to decline or accept any offer. 

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