Membership Benefits

  1. Networking with published and unpublished authors of erotic romance and literary erotica from around the world.
  2. Discounted fees for Passionate Ink’s Online Workshops about writing and the writing business.
  3. Organized Chats with published authors and industry professionals accessible to members only.
  4. Discounted entry fees for Chapter Contests devoted to erotic romance and literary erotica for published and unpublished writers.
  5. Discounted fee for our Annual Event at the RWA National Convention, which is always a blast, in addition to being informative and another great networking opportunity.
  6. Passionate Ink Newsletter: The quarterly newsletter provides opportunities for chapter members to publish articles, a great tool for publicity within RWA. Member Milestones, a section of the PI newsletter, is a place to celebrate all your achievements. Contest wins, awards, completed manuscripts, first sales, fabulous reviews and list placements are all milestones your fellow PI members will be happy to celebrate with you.
  7. Perseverance Fund that pays annual dues for members and prospective members who are unable to renew or join because of financial hardship.

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Passionate Ink is the Erotic Romance Writers Special Interest Chapter #207 of Romance Writers Of America.

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The new membership year (2014-15) begins Oct 1st, and the existing member renewal period is Sep 1 -30. All members, including those who joined during the first half of 2014 and paid the half-dues price (available through Aug 31st), will still need to pay the full-dues price from Sept 1 – 30 to renew for a full year of membership effective Oct 1st. Since the renewal period is very close (it is Aug 21st at the time of this posting), we recommend that potential members interested in joining PI during July 15 – Aug 31st wait to sign up from Sept 1 – 30th. – PI Membership Director


Step 1 – Pay. Easy payment through Paypal (link below), or mail a check (address below).
Annual Membership, covering membership dues in Passionate Ink through 9/30/14 – $25.00 US Dollars.
(Passionate Ink’s membership year runs Oct 1 – Sept 30. Annual dues are $25. Members joining in the last half of our membership year pay half the full dues.)
You must be a member of RWA to join Passionate Ink. Do not send us money if you are not already a member or RWA.

Passionate Ink Dues 2014/15
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Mail a check for your dues payable to Passionate Ink to:

Passionate Ink
PO Box 1125
Lewiston ID 83501

Step 2 – Membership Form and Forum Registration.
In order to prevent spamming of our forums, the REGISTER button has been disabled and new member registration for the Passionate Ink forums must be performed by an administrator. To join the Passionate Ink chapter of RWA, please:
1)Pay your dues FIRST

2) Fill out the online Membership Form (Click Here). You will need your RWA Membership number and expiration date.

3) Send an email to renewals@passionateink{NOSPAM}.org (remove the {NOSPAM}) and include the requested username you entered into the Membership Form.

Within about 72 hours of submitting Step 3 your access to the members area should be approved and you should receive an email from an administrator containing your forum login information.

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